General William Vincent McBride (4-Star) – US Air Force

photo of General William Vincent McBride

The highest military rank to have been achieved by a Lawrence County resident is that of a four star general, held by General William Vincent McBride who served as the second in command of the United Sates Air Force.

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Rear Admiral George Read Muse – US Navy

photo of George Read MuseNavy Rear Admiral George Read Muse was born in New Castle, Pennsylvania, on September 21, 1915 to Mr. & Mrs. George W. Muse. His father served in the Spanish American War and was district attorney for the county.

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Rear Admiral James E. Eckelberger – US Navy

photo of James E. Eckelberger

James E. Eckelberger, son of John E. and Marian (Francis) Eckelberger of New Castle’s East Side, was graduated from New Castle High in 1956. In 1959, Midshipman First Class Eckelberger participated in an 8 week summer training cruise aboard the attack aircraft carrier USS Lexington,

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Rear Admiral Robert Harper Shumaker – US Navy

photo of Robert Harper Shumaker

Robert Harper Shumaker was born May 11, 1933 in New Castle, Pennsylvania, where his parents, Alvah M. and Eleanor, were a lawyer and a writer, respectively. He was graduated from New Wilmington High School in 1951 as the class valedictorian.

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Rear Admiral Lewis “Red” Eugene Angelo – US Navy

photo of Lewis “Red” Eugene Angelo

Rear Admiral Lewis “Red” Eugene Angelo was born in Forestville, (Butler Cophoto of Lewis “Red” Eugene Angelounty) Pennsylvania, on February 18, 1928. He was the youngest of 19 children born to Italian immigrants Tony and Mary Angelo. His father worked in the limestone quarries.

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Rear Admiral George Milton Book – US Navy

photo of george milton bookGeorge Milton Book was born in New Castle May 25, 1845 to Col. William and Ann (Emery) Book. He spent his childhood in town, attending New Castle schools. Book was appointed as Acting Midshipman at the Naval Academy on November 22, 1861 at the age of 16 and was graduated from Annapolis in 1865.

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Brigadier General Victor Nicholas “Vic” Cabas – USAF

photo of Victor Nicholas “Vic” Cabas

Victor Nicholas “Vic” Cabas was born January 15,1920 in New Castle, Pennsylvania, to Louis J. and Elizabeth (Tetu) Cabas, Romanian immigrants. He attended West Side, Lincoln-Garfield School, Ben Franklin and New Castle High Schools, graduating in 1938.

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Brigadier General Ralph Michael Angelo Papa (Pope) – US Army

photo of Ralph Michael Angelo Papa

Ralph Michael Angelo Papa (Pope) was born in West Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on July 22,1920 to Italian immigrants Raffaele “Ralph” and Rose (Santina) Papa. Ralph was one of nine children (eight boys and one girl). His mother died in 1928 when he was only 8 years of age.

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Brigadier General Marilyn Chiafullo – US Army

photo of Marilyn Chiafullo

The most recent Lawrence County native to attain the rank of Brigadier General is also the County’s first woman to do so. Marilyn Chiafullo was born in New Castle, Pennsylvania, to Joseph H. and Florence (Zarella) Chiafullo, both deceased.

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Brigadier General James Van Gorder Wilson – US Army

photo of James V. G. Wilson
Another top brass of the military that hailed from Lawrence County is James V. G. Wilson who was born in Ellwood City, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, on February 27, 1913, to Charles E. and Emma Vangorder Wilson. As a child he attended Hopewell, a one room schoolhouse.

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OOHRAH – Brigadier General William C. Chip – US Marines

photo of Major General William C. Chip
William C. Chip was born in New Castle, Pennsylvania, on July 26, 1919. His father was the famed George Chip, former middleweight boxing champion of the world, also from New Castle. William played football in 1936 and 1937 for New Castle High and went on to Duquesne University.

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