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Lawrence County Historical Society Museum

The Lawrence County Historical Society is located in Lawrence County, in Western Pennsylvania, and lies north of Pittsburgh and south of Erie.

It is a Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization – non profit.

It consists of the following 16 townships: Hickory, Little Beaver, Mahoning, Neshannock, North Beaver, Perry, Plain Grove, Pulaski, Scott, Shenango, Slippery Rock, Taylor, Union, Washington, Wayne, Wilmington. Within those townships are 1 city (New Castle) and 10 boroughs (Bessemer, Ellport, Ellwood City (partly in Beaver County), Enon Valley, New Beaver, New Wilmington, S.N.P.J., South New Castle, Volant, Wampum).

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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Lawrence County Historical Society shall be

  • to PRESERVE the history of Lawrence County
  • to PRESERVE the Lawrence County historic sites
  • to ACQUIRE and maintain related artifacts and materials
  • to CULTIVATE and foster community interest in local history and its preservation
  • to EDUCATE the community on the importance of its history
  • to MAINTAIN an association of individuals interested in these purposes

The Society

The Lawrence County Historical Society was charted in 1938. Attorney Charles Young was the founder and served as president until his death in 1943. While the Society remained intact, it was inactive for a number of years. In 1976, during the Bicentennial of the United States, it was revived by Dr. Ellis J.Hoffman, Rosemary Hoffman and others.

 The Mansion (Museum) – Joseph A. Clavelli History Center

With diligent nurturing, the Society began to flourish. A bold step forward came in 1982 when the family of the late Joseph A. Clavelli donated to the Society the beautiful 19-room mansion built in 1904 for local tin plate magnate / industrialist, George Greer. Mr. Clavelli purchased the home in 1965 and restored it to its former elegance before his death in 1968. The Mansion, now named the JOSEPH A. CLAVELLI HISTORY CENTER, serves as headquarters for the Society and as a museum depicting the county’s rich heritage. The Society is caretaker for the mansion.

The mansion is an imposing structure with many ornamental features which include beveled and leaded stained glass, Greek columns, finely crafted panel woodwork and built-in cupboards. It is tastefully decorated with quality antique furnishings that reflect an era of charm and elegance. Since then, this grand home has been open to the public for tours and educational programs.

The Medure History Annex was constructed in 1998. This facility serves as the organization’s office and meeting hall with space dedicated to archival and exhibit purposes. It houses exhibits related to military and sports history.

Over the years, the organization has expanded in membership and in services to the community, but it has remained true to the mission of its founders – to preserve and present Lawrence County’s diverse and important history.

The Society has active outreach programs including the Lawrence County Trivia competition in the county schools. A monthly lecture series on local history is held the last Wednesday of every month (with the exception of June-August). Additionally, the Society publishes a monthly newsletter, pamphlets, and books on various aspects of Lawrence County History.

The Collections

The Society is the caretaker of Lawrence County’s heritage. It continues to collect and carefully preserve numerous objects from the region’s past. The organization’s archives are at the center of its operations and ensure that future generations have the opportunity to learn from original documents, photographs, county records, and other materials associated with the life of the community in years past.

Non Profit

  • Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization – non profit
  • Staffed with volunteers
  • Part time paid administrator
  • Part time paid volunteer coordinator
  • 100% of each donation is used to help support our mission statement
  • All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law
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