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The Lawrence County Historical Society has numerous youth educational programs. The Society’s programs include history lectures in local schools, special museum tours and learning seminars for youth and school groups, and award winning the Lawrence County Trivia competition. The trivia competition is now in its 25th year and boasts over two-hundred local competitors.

Fun & Games

Farm Language

Watermelon spitting seedsYou can take the boy out of the farm but you can’t take the farm out of the language. From 1910-1920, one-third of all Americans lived on a farm. Today, the farm population is less than 2 percent of the population of the United States. However, we continue to use expressions with farm connotations.

How many of these do you use / know? Can you add any more to our list?

  • Dumb as a post
  • Workhorse
  • Showhorse
  • Pigheaded
  • Stubborn as a mule
  • Looks like a pigpen
  • Take to the woodshed
  • Make hay while the sun shines
  • Till the cows come home
  • Separate the wheat from the chaff
  • Hold your horses
  • Horsing around
  • Butt your head against a stonewall
  • Spring chicken
  • Herded like sheep
  • Horse of another color
  • Were you born in a barn?
PEOPLE: Word Search Puzzle

Word Search puzzles of some of the famous people in Lawrence County’s history. See how long it takes you to find and circle their names.

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People Word Search (version 1)
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People Word Search (version 2)
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PLACES: Word Search Puzzle

Word Search puzzles of some cities and places in Lawrence County. See how long it takes you to find and circle the words.

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Places Word Search (version 1)
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Places Word Search (version 2)
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Trivia Competition

photo of 2017 trivia competition

Photos Lawrence County Trivia Competition (May 11, 2017)


For more than a quarter of a century, students from Lawrence County have been learning local history, geography, industry, buildings, and sports by playing the Lawrence County Historical Society Trivia game. Each year approximately 100 students from Lawrence County’s school districts compete in either the Senior High or Jr High Division.

Students study cards throughout the year at home and in their classrooms preparing for the Spring Competitions. There are Individual and Team Competitions. Eight competitions occur each spring before the final winners are decided.

Stephanie Fulena, LCHS Board Member is the coordinator and moderator of the event. All prize money and trophies are provided through a grant from the Almira Foundation.

Sets of cards are available for sale at the Historical Society’s Gift Shop or in local schools.

For further information contact: Stephanie Fulena, Telephone 724-654-1895

2018 Trivia Winners

The Lawrence County Historical Society held its annual Trivia competition on February 22, 2018 at Northminster Presbyterian Church. Six county schools (Ellwood, Laurel,Mohawk, New Castle, Shenango, and Union) participated in this year’s competitions. Volunteers from the historical society and school advisers judged the competitions. Stephanie Fulena, historical society board director and volunteer, is the trivia coordinator and moderator. Funds for the program are provided through a grant from The Almira Foundation.

2018 Trivia Winners

Junior High Individual Competition

  1. Alyssa Grumbine, Union
  2. Riley Bruce, Shenango
  3. Joshua Bruce, Shenango
  4. Wren Grove, Union

Junior High Team Competition

  1. Alyssa Grumbine, Mackenzie Helle and Wren Grove of Union

Senior High Individual Competition

  1. Marissa Polding, New Castle
  2. Austin Browne, New Castle
  3. Ricky Zheng, New Castle
  4. Lindsey Wheaten, Union

Senior High Team Competition

  1. Marissa Polding of New Castle (playing alone)
  2. Ricky Zheng, Austin Browne of New Castle
  3. Mercedes Shaner, Lindsey Wheaton of Union
  4. Anthony Houston, Mark Torsello of New Castle
2017 Trivia Winners

2017 Trivia Winners

Junior High Individual Competition

  1. Molly McCommons, Ellwood
  2. Maddie McCommons, Ellwood
  3. Joshua Bruce, Shenango
  4. Emily Borroni, Ellwood
  5. Riley Bruce, Shenango

Junior High Team Competition

  1. Hanna Yehkal and Emma Callahan, Shenango
  2. Hayden Slade, Molly McCommons and Maddy McCommons, Ellwood
  3. Rocco Bernadino and Logan Gibson, New Castle

Senior High Individual Competition

  1. Jonah Warner, New Castle
  2. Marissa Polding, New Castle
  3. Lindsey Wheaton, Union
  4. Austin Brown, New Castle
  5. Ricky Zheng, New Castle

Senior High Team Competition

  1. Austin Brown and Ricky Zheng, New Castle
  2. Jonah Warner and Anthony Houston, New Castle
  3. Marissa Polding, New Castle
  4. Kyle Kassi, Lindsey Wheaton and Mercedes Shaner, Union

2015 Trivia Winners

The Lawrence County Historical Society held its annual Trivia competition on May 6, 2015 at Northminster Presbyterian Church. Seventh through twelfth grade students from county schools study cards with questions based on the history, geography, people, industries, and sports of Lawrence County in preparation of the annual competition now in its 29th year. The Almira Foundation underwrites the competition.

Jr. High Individual Competition

  1. Lindsay Frabotta – New Castle – won $50
  2. Austin Brown – New Castle – won $25
  3. Lindsey Wheaton – Union – won $15
  4. Kendra Pino – Union – won $10
  5. Marissa Polding – New Castle – won $ 5

Jr. High Team Competition

  1. Wheaton – Pino, (Kyle) Kassi  – Union – won $75
  2. Frabotta, (Sophia) Reider, (Stephanie) Toy  – New Castle – won $45
  3. Polding, (Rachel ) Lloyd, (Sophia) Sager – New Castle – won $30
  4. Brown, (Jeffrey) Shaftic, (Mathew) Ball – New Castle – won $15

Sr. High Individual Competition

  1. Jonah Warner – New Castle – won $100
  2. Cassandra Maas – New Castle – won $50
  3. Lydia Anderson – Shenango – won $25
  4. Brianna Stitt – Union – won $15
  5. Makenzie Wimer – Laurel – won $10

Sr. High Team Competition

  1. Tie for first place
    Maas (Michelle) Pfahles – New astle – won $125
    Warner, (Anthony)Houston (Eric)Groves – New Castle – won $125
  2. Tie for first place
  3. Autumn Tulip, Brian Lee, Brianna Stit – Union – won $50
  4. Gianna Colella, Cierra Lutz – Mohawk – won $25

photo of senior and junior high individual winners

Photo (left to right): Sr. High Individual winner Jonah Warner – New Castle and Jr. High Individual winner Lindsay Frabotta – New Castle. Advisors (not pictured): Donna Neff and Bess Onkako

photo of junior high team winners

Jr High Team winners (left to right): Kyle Kassi, Kendra Pino, Lindsey Wheaton – Union. Advisor (far right) Diana Borowski

2013 Trivia Winners

Jr. High Solo

  1. Lydia Anderson – Shenango – won $50
  2. Cierra Lutz – Mohawk – won $25
  3. Alex Hammers – Mohawk – won $15
  4. Carly DiPietro – New Castle – won $10
  5. Angelesa Desatnik – Mohawk – won $5

Jr. High Team

  1. Dom Morell, Matt Gibson & Frank Antuono – New Castle – won $75
  2. Lydia Anderson & Mia Albanese – Shenango – won $45
  3. Jade Clark & Haley Beckman – New Castle
    & Luke Aloi – Ellwood City – won $30
  4. Lexi Thompson, Sierra Johnson & Marissa Butera – New Castle – won $15
  5. Joey Pauletech, Andria Parady & Kiera Thompson – New Castle – won $12

Sr. High Solo

  1. Katelyn Byers – Mohawk – missed no questions – $100
  2. Ashleigh Presnar – Shenango – only missed one question – $75
  3. Cassandra Maas – New Castle – won $50
  4. Curtis Caughey – Union – won $25
  5. Andrew Henley – Mohawk – won $15

Sr. High Team

  1. Katelyn Byers & Amber Dougherty – Mohawk – 3 year champs who missed no questions in this year’s competition – $150
  2. Ashleigh Presnar & Stephanie Presnar – Shenango (tie) – split second and third place prizes
    John Maas & Cassandra Maas – New Castle (tie)
    Both sibling teams –  – $52.50 for each team
  3. None – there was a tie for 2nd place
  4. Curtis Caughey & Elijah Waters – Union – won $15
  5. Andrew Henley, Michael Maravola & Shannon Verlotte – Mohawk – won $12

New Castle News coverage

2011 Trivia Winners

Jr. High Solo

  1. Cassandra Maas – New Castle
  2. Derek Waddington – Mohawk
  3. Ashleigh Presnar – Shenango
  4. Alex Bender – Shenango
  5. Chris Ball – New Castle

Jr. High Team

  1. Ashleigh Presnar/Devin Ross – Shenango
  2. Cassandra Maas/Cody Papa/Dana Rhodes – New Castle
  3. Paxtyn Lyons/Jamie Trotter/ Maria Fleck – Mohawk
  4. Alex Bender/ Jordan Dimeco – Shenango
  5. Derek Waddington (one man team) – Mohawk

Sr. High Solo

1. Katie Stewart – Shenango (tie for first place)
1. Katelyn Byers – Mohawk (tie for first place)
3. Andrew Henley – Mohawk
4. Stephanie Presnar – Shenango
5. Samantha Heitsch – Shenango

Sr. High Team

  1. Katelyn Byers/ Natalie Bubin/Amber Dougherty – Mohawk
  2. Katie Stewart/ Amanda Hermann – Shenango
  3. Curtis Caughey/Ross Liskooka/Ian French – Union
  4. Katie Clark (one woman team) – Union
  5. 5. Andrew Henley/Donnie Adams – Mohawk

2008 Trivia Winners

The 2008 Lawrence County Trivia Competition was supported by the Almira Foundation, the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission and the County of Lawrence.

Jr. High Solo

  1. John Mollick – New Castle
  2. DeAnn Ryan – New Castle
  3. Katelyn Byers – Mohawk
  4. Stephanie Presnar – Shenango
  5. Kate Kuczynski – Shenango

Jr. High Team

  1. Dashara Daniels, John Mollick, Jaiah Chandler – New Castle
  2. Tyler Matteo, Kayte Kuczynski, Matt Younger – Shenango
  3. Ronnie Davis, Stephanie Presnar, Zachary Matuch – Shenang
    Jessica Ferchaw, Victoria Evans, DeAnn Ryan – New Castle
  4. Samantha Brown, Katelyn Byers, Amber Dougherty – Mohawk
  5. Stephen Pinter, Maxwell Watters, Brandon Palmer – Neshannock

Sr. High Solo

  1. Paul Garmon – New Castle
  2. Cara Cantakis – New Castle
  3. Samantha Hietsch – Shenango
  4. Mike Friend – Union
  5. Laura Mickey – New Castle

Sr. High Team

  1. Paul Garmon, Cara Cantakis, Gina Govojdean – New Castle
  2. Gretchen Rapp, Laura Mickey, Laura Esposito – New Castle
  3. Anthony Thomas, Jordon Rooney – Union
  4. Jordan Hooks, Samantha Hietsch, Jordan Bender – Shenango
  5. Steven Carbone, Mike Friend – Union

New Castle New coverage

2004 Trivia Winners - partial listing

Jr. High Solo

  1. Alan McNicholas – Shenango

Jr. High Team

  1. John Kearns, Cara Cantakis & Gina Govojdean – Ben Franklin

Sr. High Solo

1. Lindsay Cassella – Union

Sr. High Team

  1. Lindsay Cassella, Kevin McCullough & Jenn Pelto – Union

sample Trivia Card answer from our on-line STORE
Did you read the sample Trivia Card question from our on-line STORE?

You can find it in our STORE: Games section: LCHS Trivia Cards

Make sure you try the question first BEFORE looking at the answer!

Here’s the answer you are looking for – but you’ll have to read it in a mirror. Having trouble? Print it out and then go look in a mirror!

ʎɯɯnɯ plo-ɹɐǝʎ-003’2 ɐ sı pǝsǝd ʎpɐl

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