Our research library is open from 11 am to 4 pm Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays. Check our home page for any exceptions.

The library is located in the Medure Annex Building at the Lawrence County Historical Society (see map at bottom of page). Our helpful and friendly staff will gladly assist you in your research.

We currently offer a searchable index of the Lawrence County Historical Society’s Immigration Collection’s Declarations of Intention for the Court of Common Pleas in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania.

Period covered
October 22, 1906 to July 13, 1972

Our Research Finding Aid Features

  • Lawrence County Will Books
  • Immigration Records
  • Cemetery Records
  • Marriage Records
  • Military Records
  • Deeds
  • County History
  • Maps of the County from 1885-1931
  • City Directories
  • Yearbooks from local schools
  • Reference Works

We have assorted materials on the following topics

  • Cascade Park
  • Shenango China
  • Ira D. Sankey
  • James Reeb
  • The Kurtz Family
  • The Greer Family
  • Labor Unions
  • and much more…

Who Comes To Us For Research?

  • an environmental scientist needing historical information about some properties
  • families seeking property information
  • researchers needing collateral verification of information
  • folks interested in Shenango China
  • students learning about their local history
  • people trying to locate gravesites
  • those needing information about immigrants, executors, marriage records, wills, deeds, etc.

Here's An Example of Our Research

photo of masonic badge from Lawrence Commandery, No. 62 of the Knights Templar

Many people bring items to the Historical Society in hopes of having them identified and dated. While we are not always successful, we were able to help identify this object.

August 15, 2014: A member of the Tri-County Metal Detector Club found this belt buckle in a field in Union Township. Fellow “detectors” believed it to be related to a fire department because of the Maltese cross. However, after a few hours of research we were able to inform them that the artifact relates to the Lawrence Commandery, No. 62 of the Knights Templar – a philanthropic Masonic group limited to Freemasons who profess a belief in the Christian religion.

Based upon old photographs, it is estimated that this style of buckle was in use as early as the 1880’s. Commandery No. 62 was operating in the County as early as 1883 and is still active today.

Medure Building of the Joseph A. Clavelli History Center.
408 North Jefferson Street, New Castle PA 16101

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