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4 Programs on DVD - Only $14.99 each

Four Pack - buy all for DVDs and save 10%

Four Pack includes 4 separate DVDs

  1. Portrait of American City: 200 years of New Castle History
  2. Cascade Park: A Narrated History
  3. Haunted Lawrence County
  4. Big Snow of 1950

Product Name: Four Pack DVDs
Price: 53.96 + S&H

Big Snow of 1950

Big Snow of 1950

Big Snow of 1950

The “Big Snow of 1950” began on Thanksgiving afternoon, Thursday, November 23. By Saturday, a record 33 inches had fallen and almost everything in Lawrence County (in Western Pennsylvania) was shut down. Farmers had difficulty getting to their barns to care for their animals. Since milk trucks could not get through, soon all milk cans were filled, leaving no room for continued production.

In the cities and towns, nearly all commercial activity ceased. Fortunately, electric service continued and telephone service was provided on an emergency basis. Large snow-moving equipment was brought in from elsewhere and some streets and roads began to be opened to a degree as early as Monday.

The streets in New Castle were filled with snow as shop keepers tried to conduct their businesses.

This amazing natural occurrence is exquisitely captured in this video masterpiece offered exclusively by the Lawrence County Historical Society.

Product Name: Big Snow of 1950’s DVD
Run Time: 22:07 min
Price: 14.99 + S&H

Cascade Park: A Narrated History

Cascade Park: A Narrated History

Cascade Park: A Narrated History

The history of Cascade Park is told through narration, music and vintage photographs from its days as Big Run Falls to its current use as a location for special events such as “Back to the 50’s.” Cascade Park was once the entertainment center of Western Pennsylvania. Once a popular picnic spot known as Big Run Falls. It was developed into a trolley park in 1897 by the New Castle Traction Company. Designed by leading landscape architect, Frank Blaisdell, the buildings and amusements enhanced the natural beauty of the setting.

The park grew and expanded over the years as excursion trains pulled into New Castle with tourists and picnickers for the park. Every year, the amusements were improved. In the 1920’s, Billy Glenn, famous for his popcorn and peanuts, came to the park. He added a swimming pool and a fun house. His most spectacular achievement was the new roller coaster he named “The Gorge.” It took the rider up high and then plunged the cars down into the scenic gorge and continued through the trees and rocks until it arrived, full of properly shaken riders, back at the station. Cascade now belongs to the City of New Castle. It is a lovely natural park, currently used for picnics, big band dances, and special events such as the famous “Back to the 50’s” weekend.

Product Name: Cascade Park DVD
Run Time: 13:52 min
Price: 14.99 + S&H

Haunted Lawrence County

Haunted Lawrence County

Haunted Lawrence County

Have you ever heard of Mary Black?

Haunted Lawrence County takes you on a tour of her final resting place, plus other famous haunted spots all over the county.

Join us on a journey steeped in folklore and intrigue. “Haunted Lawrence County” highlights hauntings, ghost towns and the unsolved crimes of this Western Pennsylvania community.

This DVD is a wonderful addition to your Halloween activities. Learn about the prom night bridge haunting, the always frigid room, possibly the 1st serial killer’s hunting grounds, the mystery of Quakertown, a haunted farmhouse in Enon Valley, and the ghosts of Mahoning Town and old mansions.

Product Name: Haunted Lawrence County DVD
Run Time: 17:44 min
Price: 14.99 + S&H

Portrait of An American City: 200 Years of New Castle History

Portrait of An American City: 200 Years of New Castle History

Portrait of An American City: 200 Years of New Castle History

From Pre-History to the late 1950’s

Portrait of an American City begins with the early Native American settlements, the plotting of the land, continues through the canal era, the Civil War, heavy industrialization, labor strife, immigration and urban renewal years to the reawakening and gradual rebirth of the neighborhoods and downtown. Loaded with familiar scenes of the City, both historical and current, the depictions help to remind us how New Castle was and shows what it has become. All who love New Castle, will enjoy this presentation.

Narrated by Chuck King. Written and produced by Beverly Zona and Robert A. Presnar. Photos courtesy of John Hitch, Pat Patterson, Lillian Kwolek, Paul Dewberry, Marilyn Comstock, Jill Estock, Maxine Glenn, Pearl Brest, Mrs. St. Clair, Stella Litowinch, Pyrotecnico, Zambelli Internationale, and the archives of the Lawrence County Historical Society.

“Portrait of an American City: 200 Years of New Castle History”  traces the history of the New Castle, Pennsylvania area from pre-history to the late 1990’s.

Product Name: Portrait of American City DVD
Run Time: 30:39 min
Price: 14.99 + S&H

DVD Four Pack

Four Pack - buy all four DVDs and save 10%

Regular price $59.96 Sale Price $53.96

Four Pack includes 4 DVDs

  • Portrait of American City: 200 years of New Castle History
  • Cascade Park: A Narrated History
  • Haunted Lawrence County
  • Big Snow of 1950

Product Name: Four Pack DVDs
Price: 53.96 + S&H

The Lawrence County Historical Society is dedicated to historical education and preservation and is a tax exempt, charitable 501(c)(3) organization.

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