J. Howard Forbes, U.S. Army Infantry

August 1, 1918

Went by trucks to Chateau Therry – stayed in woods that night. Saw shell holes and several graves and equipment scattered around. Had been fighting there a few days ago.

September 13, 1918

Pass up through where the lines were the day before. See 2 dead Germans. Saw a bunch of German prisnors the day before. Looked to be in good condition.

September 29, 1918

Get up and march a few miles until the outskirs of a ruined village. Wait there until afternoon then go on to a woods near the front, relieving the 32nd Division. On the way several shells burst a hundred yards or two away. D. Fought is wounded. After we get to the woods, dig a dugout.

 October 4, 1918

Leave dugout about 4 a.m. As soon as we can get room we are fanned out in 4 files 100 yards and 10 paces between each man in the files. Pass along left side of large woods to top of hill – laid down and rested. Putting down a barrage among us at the same time. Was foggy and smokey so could not see very far.Went on and crossed a valley and climbed the next hill and rested. Then were ordered to dig in. Made and ate dinner. Was ordered back to top of hill. After a little while we were ordered forward to where we were before. Our squad failed to get the order. Stayed where we were that night.


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