It's About You: 150 Years of Life in Lawrence County

When Lawrence County was formed in 1849, life was much different than today. In this exhibit, we identify changes in lifestyle over the years and touch on some of the major social movements that helped shape our lives: educational reform, public health and safety, labor unions, women’s rights, civil rights. Each era features a timeline of major national, international and local events, along with various topics to help place life in Lawrence County in perspective. As you explore, keep in mind the ease with which we live today!

• Have our basic values changed?  • Do we know and remember the original purpose of the social movements?  • Where are we headed next?


Senator David Sankey

TIMELINE  |  Diet  |  Education  |  Health  |  Industrial  |  Religion  |  War


Nurse in early 20th century

TIMELINE  |  Education  |  Health  |  Immigration  |  Influenza  |  Prohibition  |  War  |  Work


wwii soldier receiving medal from officer

TIMELINE  |  Education  |  Health  |  War

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