1866 Adverts by Three Black Businessmen

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By Betty Hoover DiRisio (LCHS Board Member & Volunteer) – originally posted on our Facebook page February 18, 2021

1866 adverts by three black businessmen

Three Black Businessmen’s ads in the 1866 New Castle City Directory

  • Charles W. Nighten
    Tonsorial Professor
  • Oscar L. Johnston
    Fashionable Barber & Hair Dresser
  • William A. Stewart
    Barber and Hair Dresser

Stewart would go on to run in 1877 to the post of Associate Judge. He won the Republican nomination by 162 votes, but lost in the election.

For more about William A. Stewart, read our blog article.


Charles W.

Charles W Nighten

Oscar L.

Oscar L Johnston

William A.

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