If you are interested in being a volunteer, please fill out the following contact form. We respond to all inquiries within 5 business days. If you have not received a response from us, please email us in case there was some difficulty in us reaching you. Thank you.

We are especially eager to have volunteers for our ARCHIVES Committee.

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Volunteer Interest Form

Please provide your mailing address. We need this so we can send you information.
Please check the area of interest. We prefer you have some experience in the area.
ADVISEMENT: If you are under 18, please be aware you will need parental permission to be a volunteer.

The Work of our Volunteers

We appreciate your support and interest.

The Lawrence County Historical Society is a tax exempt, charitable 501(c)(3) organization. We are largely a volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and display of the heritage of all the citizens of Lawrence County, Pennsylvania. We have one part-time paid administrator.

The Lawrence County Historical Society has the largest collection of Shenango China in the world. More than 500 of its 3,000-plus pieces are on display!

The services we provide are quite varied and wide reaching. Here’s a sample of some of the valuable tasks our volunteers fulfill:

  • sort and archive “found” objects in our attic
  • sort and catalog donations
  • help visitors from out of town research their ancestors
  • set up displays in the museum
  • scan and digitize our voluminous photo collection
  • post historical information to our Facebook page
  • write quarterly newsletters to the members
  • sponsor free lectures and demonstrations to the community
  • free ice cream and cake on Fireworks Weekend (July)
  • write articles and books
  • administer and run the office
  • prepare the museum/mansion for weddings or special parties
  • design, manage and update our website

Lawrence County Historical Society • a volunteer nonprofit organization!