Medical miracles are almost commonplace today. Heart transplants, liver transplants, kidney transplants all have given new life to thousands who just a few short years ago would have been doomed. Advances in vaccines and imaging, laser surgery antibiotics, even blood plasma have just taken place in the last 50 to 60 years. As the wonders amaze us, we are still seeing drastic changes in the type of health care we have grown to expect.

In the 1950’s the Labor Unions demanded health insurance and pension plans.
To maintain a skilled work force, non-union businesses, also extended insurance including dental and eye care. The access to good health care gave rise to a generation of healthy well nourished children, which in turn produced healthy children.

The health care industry and the insurance industry flourished with larger hospitals, new techniques, and more men and women who entered the medical profession.

The economic downturns of the 70’s & 80’s changed everything.
Health care benefits were trimmed. Many full time employees were dismissed and replaced with part-time workers, who did not receive any benefits. Hospital costs resound the number of uninsured doubled. Most Americans are now covered by H.M.O’s. They decide what doctor you will see, what surgical procedures you can have, and what hospital you can be admitted to and for how long.

Major epidemics are again walking the land. Aids, E-Cola, virulent virus and bacteria immune to the wonder drugs are being discovered. We have felt safe for so long, many families had neglected to have their children immunized or forgotten to have booster shots. Epidemics of measles have closed college campus, and panicked communities.

  1. What lays ahead for the medical community?
  2. Will there be government intervention in the heath care industry?
  3. We hear of hospitals going bankrupt. Will that be the wave of the future?


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