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The 1950’s saw many school mergers in the county. The first was the consolidation of Slippery Rock, Scott, and Hickory Townships to make the Laurel School District. The North Beaver Mahoning. Little Beaver and Big Beaver Schools were merged into Mohawk. Ellwood merged with Ellport, and Wayne and Perry Townships. They also joined with Wampum Borough. Wilmington School District includes Pulaski, Plaingrove, Wilmington and Washington Townships. Neshannock built its own High School in the late 50’s thus ending its long association with New Castle High School. Only Neshannock, Shenango and Union have been able to survive on their own.

SissorsSissorsIn 1967, the Lawrence County VoTech School opened. It offers an opportunity for students to to learn a specialized skill or trade for employment when he or she graduates.

With the G-I Bill men and women who had never dreamed of going to college had the opportunity to advance themselves. This was the start of the federal programs to give everyone a chance for a quality education. College attendance has continued to rise over the last four decades.

The G.I. Bill also enabled other schools to expand. Trade schools such as the New Castle School of Trades, taught returning G.I.s valuable skills which enabled them to fine a niche in the workplace. In the 150 years since Lawrence County was formed, we have gone from home schooled children to Homeschoolers. A choice many are making in response to the changing trends in education.

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