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photo of Edwin Ohl Residence

A Palatial Residence

By Betty Hoover DiRisio, LCHS Volunteer In October 1898, Edwin Ohl’s (1850-1922) palatial residence at 208 East Lincoln Avenue, New Castle, was being constructed, a model of elegance and beauty. Completed in 1899 it was one of the finest residences in New Castle. Constructed of red pressed brick this Queen Anne …

photo of James Andrew & Eliza Emery Crawford. Their house was named Birchlawn.


By Betty Hoover DiRisio, LCHS Volunteer Located on Harbor Street in New Castle, this home was known as “Birchlawn” (see photo). It was built for industrialist James Andrew Crawford and his wife Eliza Emery Crawford who are also pictured. The house photo was taken about 1894 but the family had …

color photo of Raney-Jameson Castle

Castle on the Hill

By Betty Hoover DiRisio, LCHS Volunteer Who hasn’t seen this “castle” high on the hill on North Jefferson St. in New Castle? The stone structure was built in 1890 for businessman, Leander Raney. Both the castle and Lee Raney hold prominent places in Lawrence County’s History. Raney was the only …

photo of Matthias Holstein and Lucy Bower Henderson

Henderson Meehan Home

By Betty Hoover DiRisio, LCHS Volunteer This home sits at the corner of Highland and Lincoln Avenues across from the Scottish Rite Cathedral. It was constructed in 1895 for Matthias Holstein Henderson (1845-1908) and his wife Lucy Bower Henderson. Lucy was the daughter of John Bower (1821-1906), a prominent tailor …

photo of ET and Ella Frampton Kurtz sitting on porch of their house

Another Kurtz Mansion?

By LCHS volunteers Betty Hoover DiRisio & Kathleen A. Mooney The Georgian style home, owned by Davis B. and Julia Kurtz, was located on the corner of Croton and East Washington Streets in New Castle. This elegant canal style structure was such a well-known landmark that the Historical Society featured it …

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