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Great Depression

architectural drawing of the new castle post office circa 1933. Provided courtest of Eckles Architecture and Engineering.

Post Office on the Diamond

By Betty Hoover DiRisio (LCHS volunteer) The Public Buildings Act The Public Buildings Act of 1926 authorized $50M for the construction of federal buildings in Washington DC, and earmarked an additional $150M for construction projects outside the District of Columbia. It also permitted the hire of private architects for the …

photo of former civilian conservation corps boys

CCC Memories: 1938-42

By Stephanie Fulena, LCHS Newsletter Editor The Lawrence County Historical Society held their May 8, 2013 meeting at Cascade Park. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) statue provided the backdrop for four local former CCC “Boys” to share their memories of that time between 1938 to 1942 when they, as teenagers, …

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