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page from fullerton ledger showing simple interest calcuations

Notes From a Schoolboy in the 1820s

By Robert Galbreath, Collections Curator October 28, 2017 Documents written by ordinary people – such as letters, diaries, meeting minutes, or even notes scrawled in a book – can reveal as much about the past as works written by history’s great writers, politicians, and scholars. Our ancestors occasionally gift us …

photo of Nanny Mitcheltree

Nannie L. Mitcheltree: an Educator

A name synonymous with education in New Castle for many years was that of Miss Nannie L. Mitcheltree. Ms. Mitcheltree was born December 11, 1886 in Edinburg. Commuting from Edinburg to New Castle, she attended and graduated from New Castle Senior High School. Later receiving her teaching degree from Geneva …

photo of Rose Point Academy

Rose Point Academy

By Betty Hoover DiRisio (LCHS Volunteer) Rose Point Academy Association was incorporated on October 20, 1891 as a nonsectarian, advanced education institution. Its stated purpose was the “promotion of Christian and liberal education and the cultivation of the various branches of science, polite literature, and the fine arts.” Many students …

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